Last updated: Oct 12th, 2020


What's FlendyAds Business?

FlendyAds Business is FlendyAds’ self-serve platform for small-to-medium advertisers and Business owners both big and small to advertise on the FlendyAds’ advertisers network to engage customers.

How to Advertise my Product?Updated

  1. Register Here as a business
  2. Complete registeration
  3. Login after completion
  4. Setup your business account at an affordable price
  5. Create a campaign for your business
  6. Create Ads for your products or business at a price based on the duration

What are FlendyAds Business approved offer types?

FlendyAds takes pride in the effortless integration process and the high revenue stream that the FlendyAds ads generate for online advertisers.
As such, the FlendyAds platform is open to any online advertiser and Business owners big or small.
We do have certain policies in place that we believe will help ensure the effectiveness of ads for our advertisers as well as for our business registered persons.
We review all websites, and we reserve the right to decline any application. As part of our social responsibility, we do not allow content that in our opinion can be deemed as negative in nature, illegal or offensive in any way.

How long will it take for my campaign / Ad to be approved?

Campaign or Ad review takes up to 24 hours. You will get a confirmation email upon an ad's approval or denial.

Where will my ads be displayed ?

FlendyAds Business ads will run via the FlendyAds network of more than 10,000 sites located all over the world and also not only website but also our advertisers who does't have website will be sharing the ads to social media to increase their chance of earning more income whiles it will also helps your ads or campaign to reach more customers engage online. Our sites are vetted for quality and content, and we have a zero tolerance policy for fraudulent traffic or inappropriate content

How much does it cost to join FlendyAds as a Business?

Settting up a business profile will cost up to $2.00
Creatings ads will cost you based on the duration you want your ads to run.

What currencies does FlendyAds support?

FlendyAds supports many currencies but not all are supported through payment.

What are FlendyAds Business Ad tracking options?

FlendyAds Advertisers has a mobile and user friendly dashboard that has the following:
  1. Clicks- To know the numbers of clicks on your ads
  2. Impression - To know the number of your Campaigns or ads been display on our Networks/advertisers websites daily. You can know the total number of Impression, clicks etc
  3. Revenue - To know your Total Money (Credit), how much you are spending on your ads, your balance and many more.
  4. You can know where you campaign/ads are reaching that's geting click including the website, social media and the country.
  5. Settings - Your will be able to see your registered details.
  6. You will be able to see all your campaigns or ads created in the available ads in your user Friendly Dashboard.

What are FlendyAds ads standards?

In Summary we don't accept any thing that is inconsistent with our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service. You can read more on our Docummentation Page

How to create my Campaign / Ads?

  1. Register Here as a business
  2. Complete registeration
  3. Login after completion
  4. Setup your business account at an affordable price
  5. Create a campaign for your business
  6. Create Ads for your products or business at a price based on the duration

How many campaigns can I create?

As many as you want! There is no limitation for campaigns and/or ad creation

What is my minimum daily budget?

Currently we dont support daily budget.

What is Business’ pricing model?Not available

Business runs on a Cost Per Click and impressions model, meaning you only pay for ads views or clicks ads

Can I modify my campaign after it’s been created?

Of course! You can always but how? You can contact us on support@flendyads.com requesting for changes in your ads/campaign
Your Modification reguest should be in the following format. Example
  1. Message/E-mail Subject - Campaign Modification
  2. Ad Title,
  3. Description,
  4. Ads Type,
  5. Size and your message:Kindly modify my ads with the above details....
  6. Submit/Send

What ad types can I upload for my campaigns?

FlendyAds Business supports 3 ad types: GIF/Animated Ads, Image banners Ads and Video Ads.
- Image Banner and GIF should have title, description and display URL - Image banners must be one of the following sizes:
- mediumr(300x250)
- larger(336x280)
- mobile(320x280)
- leadboard(728x90)
- largemobile(320x100)
- halfpage(300x600)
- scraperw(160x600)
- scraper(120x600)
- square(250x250)
- square(200x200)
- banner(468x60)
- portriat(300x1050)
- bllboard(970x250)
- leadboard(970x90)
- banner(234x60)
- vbanner(120x240)
- srect(186x150)


How can I skip adding ads manually

When adding your site select Automatic under the Insertion option

<script ad-client="[Your Profile ID]" async src="https://flendyads.com/ads/script/ads.js"></script>

And just place the ads script above before your </body>

How much does it cost to list my business or store? New

FlendyAds Lisiting Pricing:
▪ Business listings:                                     $2.00/yr
▪ Ecommerce:                                               $2.00/yr
▪ Job posting:                                               Free(Requires business/Ecommerce)
▪ Personal portfolio page:                   $0.00/month(Requires business/Ecommerce)


How much does it cost to run ads? New

FlendyAds Ad Campaign Pricing:
▪ 1 Month: $2.00
▪ 2 Month: $3.00
▪ 3 Month: $4.00
▪ 1 Year: $10.00
NOTE: Ads will be published on websites & apps of your selected segment View Demo: https://flendyads.com/ads/demo


How do I contact FlendyAds

You can contact us the following ways