Last updated: Feb 6th, 2021


FlendyAds gives businesses the opportunity to reach more customers within or outside their customer segment through variuos media such as websites, social media & mobile apps.

How Business Listing are marketed

Once your Business is listed on FlendyAds Business, your profile gains the following benefits:

  • Google Business page(if none)
  • Ranked #1 on google search page
  • Advertised on Multiple Platforms
  • High Customers Engagement
  • Chat Bots for customers to reach you faster
  • Matched to potential clients listed on FlendyAds
  • Track and Optimize Results in your Dashboard
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How Ads are distrubuted

Once you create an Ad on FlendyAds they are distrubuted globaly or per your segments.
To ensure your Ads reach more & get more leads we have an anti-fraud detection system to prevent fake leads.

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